Good Grooming for Your Guinea Pig


Dogs and cats are popular pets in the household but they may not be good options for those who have limited space in the house. Not to worry though, as small furry pets like guinea pigs are great alternatives for the space challenged. These adorable rodents are docile and friendly creatures. You don’t have to worry about them charging in your face when you get home from work, they will simply give you delighted squeaks while wiggling their noses to show their excitement on your arrival. Aside from food and companionship, proper grooming also keeps your guinea pig happy.


Guinea Pigs are known to be conscientious with their grooming habits but you still have to work on keeping their cages clean and ensure that they are properly groomed. Different breeds have their own grooming requirements. First time pet owners can check the breed from the pet store or just go to straight to the veterinarian for a check-up and grooming demonstration. Veterinarians who are considered as experts on small pets can also give you tips on how to groom guinea pigs and identify sensitive areas that you should mind when handling them. Regular brushing is a basic grooming requirement for guinea pigs. This will help keep their coats nice and clean, remove loose hairs, minimize tangles or mats, and reduce risk of parasite infestation. Knots or mats can end up hurting your pets if you leave it unattended or if it forms too close to the skin. Short haired ones can be brushed once or twice a week while long haired ones may require daily brushing. Soft bristle brushes can make this activity feel like a pampering experience for your pet.

Aside from the guinea pigs’ hair, pet owners should also pay attention to nails and teeth. Nails have to be trimmed and you have to prevent their teeth from growing too long. Providing them with something to gnaw on can help them manage growing teeth. Don’t forget to regularly examine your pet’s ears, eyes and scent glands. Make sure that they are clean and free from any irritation. Well groomed pets do not only look nice and healthy, they are also happy pets that are well loved by their owners.

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Prettifying Your Dog: DIY Grooming for Man’s Best Friend


Caring for your dog’s grooming needs should be part of your regular tasks as a responsible pet owner. While you could take your dog to the groomers or the pet salon, there is a feeling of satisfaction that comes from grooming your pet dog yourself. Besides, you’re bound to save a whole lot of money by doing so. Prettifying your dog is easy with the right tools and a few basic guidelines. When it comes to trimming your dog’s fur or “hairstyling” for dog shows, however, it is still best to leave the shears and clippers with the professionals.

dog grooming

my daughter and frenchie

For some basic everyday grooming, take a look at the following tips:

1. Train your dog to be comfortable with bathing and grooming sessions. Even with the best grooming tools and the cutest ribbons and dog clothes, it would be difficult to prettify your dog if he does not enjoy being fussed over. Make bathing and grooming a regular part of your dog care routine early on in your dog’s life. If you are getting an older dog, it might be more challenging to do this. Forcing your dog can be frustrating for both of you. Take things slow. Get your dog used to his coat being “caressed” before you move on to brushing. Start with a short brushing session and then gradually increase the duration of your sessions as he becomes comfortable.

2. Brush your dog’s hair often. The frequency of brushing your dog’s hair generally depends on the length of his coat; long haired dogs usually need to be brushed daily while short haired dogs can actually go without brushing for up to a month. For prettifying your dog, however, it is recommended that you brush your dog’s coat on a daily basis. You don’t have to wash his hair or bathe him. Just take your dog brush and get the tangles off his coat. Doing this will also prevent matting and take out any dirt or particles that your dog might pick up while gallivanting around the house or out in the yard.

3. Check your dog’s eyes, ears, nose, and nails. Always check these parts of your dog’s body for any particles or dirt accumulation. Any discharge from these body parts should be an alert for a vet visit. Your dog’s nails should also be clipped regularly. Observe how fast your dog’s nails grow and clip accordingly. You can ask your vet or your pet groomer to teach you how to do this properly. You have to use the right tools and technique so you don’t hurt your dog. Your dog can get traumatized when you accidentally cut his nails too short. When this happens, you would have a hard time getting him to cooperate with you the next time you need to cut his nails.


Basic Pet Care and Miniature Pet Responsibilities


Do you have young children who constantly cajole you into buying a pet? Miniature pets, for one, are very popular these days. Birds, teacup poodles, Shih Tzus, and more are just some of the cute and fancy pets that seem to mesmerize young kids especially since you can carry these miniature pets around like small babies. However, you may be apprehensive because you feel the kids are not ready for such a responsibility. Moreover, you know that your home is not ready for a pet, no matter its size.


My kids enjoy being with dogs but, we just visit friends with pets as my other son has allergies. – one thing to consider when getting a pet

Indeed, having a pet is more than just having fun, enjoying the company of a fancy animal. Having a pet around the house is a major decision that requires careful thought. It means assuming the commitment to attend to the pet’s overall needs such as health care and safety, grooming, exercise, diet and vaccination. Getting a pet entails getting familiar with various responsibilities.

Now the question is how you can maximize enjoyment of your pet by knowing the different responsibilities and concerns that a pet owner must undertake:

  • Allocate time for your pet. There are no excuses! Everybody is busy, including you. Nevertheless, that does not excuse you from walking your pet or playing with it every day. Bonding is a very important activity in order to establish connection between you and your fancy animal, whether it is a dog, a cat or a tiger. Walking your pet everyday especially in the few days or months after getting it home is important to make the animal feel loved and cared for.

  • Tag your animal. Never forget to put on its name collar or anything where its proper identification will be seen. This includes the animal’s rabies vaccination record. If you go for more state-of-the-art techniques of labeling, there are animal clinics that offer micro chipping pets to increase the possibility of tracking then down when they are stolen or when they go astray.

  • Have your pet neutered or spayed. This frees you from worrying about your little pet getting pregnant or having other pets pregnant. Do not add up to the problem of euthanizing ownerless pets that have to be killed every year because they have nowhere to go.

  • Prepare proper shelter. Proper shelter means dog and cathouses, pigsties, rabbit crates or boxes, bird nests, artificial caves, and aquariums. Pets need to live in an environment that is safe, secure, and warm so they can grow up in a healthy manner.

  • Ensure that your pets get sufficient health care. This means giving the animal proper diet, exercise, fresh water, regular vaccination, and regular visit to the veterinarian’s clinic. Under this category, dental care should also be considered to make sure the pet’s teeth and overall oral care are well taken care of.

  • Invest in pet training and skills formation. If you are not familiar with the basics of teaching new tricks to your animal, you might as well hire a personal trainer. Pets must know basic obedience such as when they are commanded to sit, stand, run, or stay.

  • Consistently look after your pet’s safety. This means walking your pet with its leash on, or in the case of birds, rabbits or other such animals, you must provide cages or boxes.

  • Be familiar with pet etiquette. Do not expect everyone in the park to dote on your cute rabbit or your newly trained Labrador. Make sure that they do not disturb others when you bring them to public places.

Sometimes, the excitement of having a pet at home is so high that we forget about the responsibilities attached to it. The decision to have a pet must be thoroughly considered by the entire household in order to ensure that the pet grows up in a well-conditioned environment and the owners enjoy its company to the maximum. Obviously, it’s a two-way process that ensures mutual enjoyment both for the owners and for the pets.


Steps to Clean an Aquarium for a Healthier and Longer Life


An aquarium with colorful fish is a joy to watch. It relieves stress and it relaxes the mind especially when the fish tank is clean. A clean aquarium is an important factor that can increase the longevity of your pet fish. It makes them healthier and happier; a healthy and happy pet can live longer. Thus, cleaning a fish tank is among the first lessons that hobbyists must learn. Learning how to clean an aquarium constitutes your conscious effort to care for your pet.

In addition, cleaning also beautifies the aquarium. Inexperienced fish owners often commit blunders when cleaning the home of their pet fish. You need to be careful when transferring fishes from one tank to another because a sudden change in its environment can kill your pet fish. It is akin to shock. It has to be done gradually in order for the pet fish to be acclimatized.

clean aquarium

our tank from long ago, newly cleaned, not yet decorated

Here are some steps to clean an aquarium.

  • When cleaning the aquarium prepare the same amount of clean water in a container. Mix some de-chlorinator according to the package instructions to remove the chlorine in the water. You may buy a de-chlorinator at any pet stores.

  • You can clean the aquarium either with an aquarium siphon or just by replacing the water with a cleaner one. If you want to clean the aquarium and replace the water, mix some amount of the old water with the new water in a container. Then slowly transfer the fish from the dirty tank to the small container. This will keep the fish in familiar water and will reduce the shock.

  • Clean the old aquarium and put the clean water with a small amount of the old aquarium water. Then transfer the fish again to the clean water with some amount of the old water.

  • If you want to remove and clean the moss on the tank walls, you can opt to use an aquarium sponge that you can buy in any pet stores or a clean cloth. Some people don’t clean the moss as it provides the fish food. If you want to remove the plankton living on the aquarium, use an old or expensive filter.

  • Keep your filter. If you replace your filter, don’t change the water. On the other hand, if you change your water, don’t change your filter. Both the filter and water contain a beneficial bacterium that helps break down the ammonia that the fishes excrete. Another good example is if your filter contains a sponge in it and a charcoal pack, replace the charcoal and keep the sponge or vice versa.

  • When cleaning an aquarium, you can use an aquarium vacuum or siphon to suck out a maximum of 50% of the water in the tank. Be careful to change only 10% up to 20% of the tank water per week. This will lessen the chances of fish shock. When cleaning, put the vacuum in the lowermost part of the tank, clean the gravel, and move it around. Aim for any visible debris.

  • When cleaning the decorative items in the tank, use clean, room temperature water. Clean the aquariums with a towel, sponge or some clean cloth just make sure not to use any soap or cleaning detergents. Alternatively, just make sure that no soap or cleaning detergent gets near the fish tank.

These are the basic steps essential in keeping clean a aquarium. If you earnestly want to keep your pet fish healthy and active, learn these simple steps and watch your pet fish staying alive longer than their usual life span.


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