Kitty Essentials: What to Buy for Them Cats

Having a pet at home is pretty much like adopting another child. One has to take responsibility in providing for the pet’s needs and ensure its well being. Feline lovers who would like to bring a kitten or an older cat into their homes should know the basics on caring for these pets before taking them on. Here are some Cat Essentials that cat owners need to buy for their pets.

1. Food and Water Bowl. These are basic requirement for feeding pet cats properly. Make sure that the water bowl has a daily supply of fresh and clean water and food bowls are washed after every meal.

2. Cat or Kitty Nibbles. Take care of your cat’s health by providing them with the right cat food based on their age and breed. There are store bought cat foods that one can simply put in the kitty food bowl but cat owners may also prepare homemade meals for their pets with a few pointers from their vets.

3. Litter Box. Train your cats to use the litter box to protect the health of family members, keep the house clean and limit the cat odors in one area only. You will also need some cat litter and a litter box shovel for maintenance.

4. Cat Bed. These furry friends love to laze around and sleep. They will definitely love a warm and cozy place to snuggle in during their snooze time.

5. Cat Carrier. Pets need to be taken out of the house for regular visits to their veterinarians or grooming stations. This can be done safely with a carrier that will house them comfortably during travel.


6. Tag and Collar. Some city ordinances and pet ownership rules require all pets to have tags and collar as a means to control the number of stray animals in the community. For pet owners, this is one way to ensure that pets get to be returned to their rightful owners when they get lost.

7. Grooming Accessories. Cats shed their coats regularly and require a few minutes of brushing each day. Aside from a cat brush, they would also need hygiene tools like cat soap, cat toothbrush and toothpaste, nail clippers and a cat towel.

8. Toys. Aside from a scratch post and an area that they can climb, there are also several cat toys that are made from catnip and other cat friendly materials that can address a cat’s leisure or entertainment needs.

Just like children, kitty cat pets need care and attention from their owners. Aside from feeding, cleaning and grooming, they also require a few minutes of play and interaction with their human companions. But unlike the items listed above, these last few cat essentials can’t be bought in any pet shop but comes from the good heart of a feline-loving person.

Our Maine coon, Minos in a plush cave:

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3 Responses

  1. Tim says:

    I have to admit — I’m not a “cat person,” however, my girlfriend is and she’s been thinking of getting a kitty for her apartment. I will definitely email her this link — lots of very helpful tips for buying the essentials for her new friend.

  2. Lynzi cook says:

    Always amazed how much it takes to keep a kitten entertained!

  3. veronica lee says:

    You are so right about having a pet at home being pretty much like adopting another child! Especially cats! They demand so much of our attention!

    Great tips as always!

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