Dogs on Parade: Entering Your Pet in Dog Beauty Contests

Dogs / Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Dog lovers will surely be familiar with dog beauty contests.  You might even have gone to several of these contests already.  It’s really fun to see dogs of various breeds showcase what they can do.  You can expect to see the best in these dogs during these contests.  Participating in these contests can even be more fun for you.  Break out from the spectator seats and get on stage with your pet dog.  You can start by finding out if there are any kennel clubs or dog associations in your area.  These groups often host dog beauty contests.

dog beauty contests

Scout for Contests

Once you find a contest that you’re interested in joining, check their requirements.  There are, of course, those dog beauty contests that are strict when it comes to eligibility requirements.  These contests often conform to standards when it comes to dog breeds and characteristics.  Industry recognized standards in terms of assessing and scoring the physical attributes of the dog.  Knowing these requirements will help you determine if your dog is qualified to join these contests.

Prepare Your Dog

The fun part is preparing your dog for these dog beauty contests.  Training and grooming your dog are the two most important things you have to pay attention to.  Caring for your dog’s coat should be done regularly so that your dog will have the perfect “hair-do” when it’s time for him to strut across the track in front of the judges.  You have to train your dog to be in his best behavior too.  Getting him to walk in the right stance and bearing is one way to captivate the judges the minute your dog walks in.

There’s also a “talent” portion that you have to train your dog for.  Aside from the usual tricks of heel, sit, and roll, you might want to explore new tricks that will amuse the judges.  You can do your research and find out what the latest tricks are in the dog beauty contest circuit all over the world.  As you look for interesting ideas online, it would surely be enjoyable for you to watch videos of dogs doing their tricks in dog beauty contests. If you need help training your dog, you can consult with an obedience trainer.

Understanding Dog Personalities

The experience of joining dog beauty contests should be enjoyable for both you and your dog.  There are dogs who have the demeanor for all the pageantry.  But, there are also dogs who are just too playful to go through all the motions of participating in these contests.  Take your cue from your dog.  Don’t force your dog to learn his tricks and to be comfortable having his fur tied up in bows.  Be patient in training your dog.  If you don’t make it to this year’s contest, there’s always next year.  You and your dog are bound to have a more satisfying experience when both of you are ready.  In the meantime, have fun preparing for your big debut into the pageant scene.


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