Growing up,  I was always fond of dogs. I always had dogs or puppies and I had, I believe, given them the best care a pet owner can. Then, I only like dogs…cats were not very friendly to me and I thought that I will remain a dog-lover all of my life. That was until we had cat-sitted for 2 cats an Aunt own. Eventually, we would want to have cats having experienced how sweet and homey they are. In less than a month after giving back the cats we cared for, we were looking for our own cats. We originally planned to get kittensRead More →

pet sitting, cat

Truth be told, I’m a dog-person. I grew up with dogs, and the only cats I knew were those that came to our house to be fed…they weren’t friendly. 😀 For three months, we were able to sit 2 cats, of different personalities. They’re owned by an aunt who has to stay away for 3 months. Above is a sweet Siamese cat that loves to sleep on the bed, in between one’s legs. (lol) She is very playful and would go on long minutes catching a toy. The one below is a Russian blue cat, not as energetic, she hides a lot…but, she wakes upRead More →