Growing up,  I was always fond of dogs. I always had dogs or puppies and I had, I believe, given them the best care a pet owner can. Then, I only like dogs…cats were not very friendly to me and I thought that I will remain a dog-lover all of my life. That was until we had cat-sitted for 2 cats an Aunt own. Eventually, we would want to have cats having experienced how sweet and homey they are. In less than a month after giving back the cats we cared for, we were looking for our own cats. We originally planned to get kittensRead More →

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Truth be told, I’m a dog-person. I grew up with dogs, and the only cats I knew were those that came to our house to be fed…they weren’t friendly. 😀 For three months, we were able to sit 2 cats, of different personalities. They’re owned by an aunt who has to stay away for 3 months. Above is a sweet Siamese cat that loves to sleep on the bed, in between one’s legs. (lol) She is very playful and would go on long minutes catching a toy. The one below is a Russian blue cat, not as energetic, she hides a lot…but, she wakes upRead More →

Having a pet at home is pretty much like adopting another child. One has to take responsibility in providing for the pet’s needs and ensure its well being. Feline lovers who would like to bring a kitten or an older cat into their homes should know the basics on caring for these pets before taking them on. Here are some Cat Essentials that cat owners need to buy for their pets. 1. Food and Water Bowl. These are basic requirement for feeding pet cats properly. Make sure that the water bowl has a daily supply of fresh and clean water and food bowls are washedRead More →

Cats and dogs are popular pets for kids, these cuddly and playful animals are quite hard to resist that some parents avoid taking their kids to the pet shop until the kids are ready to have their own pets. Kids can be very persistent once they have set their minds into getting something that they really want. Deciding on having a furry pet in the house can be difficult especially when it comes to children with allergies. Choosing the right pet highly depends on the family lifestyle and personality of the child. One of the most practical pets that parents can give their kids isRead More →