Cats and dogs are popular pets for kids, these cuddly and playful animals are quite hard to resist that some parents avoid taking their kids to the pet shop until the kids are ready to have their own pets. Kids can be very persistent once they have set their minds into getting something that they really want. Deciding on having a furry pet in the house can be difficult especially when it comes to children with allergies. Choosing the right pet highly depends on the family lifestyle and personality of the child. One of the most practical pets that parents can give their kids isRead More →

Image: Markus, our silver arowana It’s been years since we last had an arowana at home. Superstitions aside, since we don’t really believe in those, hubby and I took it in simply because we just saw it a fish shop, for the first time. Out of being spontaneous we just took this in much to the kids delight. They named this silver arowana, Marcus. Friends and visitors find the arowana a curious fish. Most would ask what kind of a fish it is as this amazonian dweller is rarely available in our region. Having one, we learned that these predators are high jumpers. That’s howRead More →

An aquarium is one of the best decorative elements that you can place in your home. Aside from its aesthetic value, an aquarium also offers health benefits for their owners and those who gaze at it. Aquarists or aquarium enthusiasts get to enjoy the emotional rewards of being a pet owner and benefit from the stress relief that can be gained by simply gazing at the relaxing and graceful movements of its inhabitants. You can enjoy these benefits for a long period of time with proper care for your fish and regular maintenance of your tank and its equipment. An essential aspect of fish careRead More →

There are dogs that are cute, there are those that are elegant and there are dogs that are…handsome. I think of an Akita Inu as the latter and as a proud, laid back breed. Its broad, fox-like head which are always looking up shows how confident they are. Thus goes for their pointy ears as though they are very keen. They have curled up tails that adds cuteness and somehow a contrast to their exuding a strong personality.  Akita Inus seldom bark, they are very friendly and playful, especially in the snow. Though they don’t warm up easily to strangers…you will definitely find them charming…Read More →

Studies have shown that owning a pet comes with health benefits for both kids and adults at home. Caring for pets helps reduce stress and anxiety, provides companionship, boosts immunity for allergies (though I’m still too afraid to risk…having an asthmatic kid), and gives a regular dose of physical activity through play. One of the most popular, and probably the best, pet that you can have for the family is a dog. These four legged furry pals are intelligent, loyal, and playful. All these come with a unique personality which makes it easy for people to adore them. Allowing kids to have their own petRead More →