Good Grooming for Your Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs / Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018


Dogs and cats are popular pets in the household but they may not be good options for those who have limited space in the house. Not to worry though, as small furry pets like guinea pigs are great alternatives for the space challenged. These adorable rodents are docile and friendly creatures. You don’t have to worry about them charging in your face when you get home from work, they will simply give you delighted squeaks while wiggling their noses to show their excitement on your arrival. Aside from food and companionship, proper grooming also keeps your guinea pig happy.

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Guinea Pigs are known to be conscientious with their grooming habits but you still have to work on keeping their cages clean and ensure that they are properly groomed. Different breeds have their own grooming requirements. First time pet owners can check the breed from the pet store or just go to straight to the veterinarian for a check-up and grooming demonstration. Veterinarians who are considered as experts on small pets can also give you tips on how to groom guinea pigs and identify sensitive areas that you should mind when handling them. Regular brushing is a basic grooming requirement for guinea pigs. This will help keep their coats nice and clean, remove loose hairs, minimize tangles or mats, and reduce risk of parasite infestation. Knots or mats can end up hurting your pets if you leave it unattended or if it forms too close to the skin. Short haired ones can be brushed once or twice a week while long haired ones may require daily brushing. Soft bristle brushes can make this activity feel like a pampering experience for your pet.

Aside from the guinea pigs’ hair, pet owners should also pay attention to nails and teeth. Nails have to be trimmed and you have to prevent their teeth from growing too long. Providing them with something to gnaw on can help them manage growing teeth. Don’t forget to regularly examine your pet’s ears, eyes and scent glands. Make sure that they are clean and free from any irritation. Well groomed pets do not only look nice and healthy, they are also happy pets that are well loved by their owners.


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