How to Keep the Home Clean When you Have Long-haired Cats

Other Pet Matters / Thursday, April 11th, 2019

Having cats at home is relaxing and fun…but, it can also be tiresome. That is when you have long-haired cats shedding their fur all day long. As a pet owner and homemaker, one has to see to it that the cats are happy and the home is well-maintained.

Sure, it’s a bit task-laden but one cannot outweigh the benefits there is to having cats at home. When we got the cats, we where not just smitten, my son who has an asthma stopped having attacks. It could be his age now, but some studies show that exposure to cats lower the development of allergens on humans that cats share their home with.

It’s also true that since cats are calm creatures, so it has become at home. There’s a relaxed atmosphere with them around.

long-haired cat
Leon, Ragdoll 1

So how do you go about maintaining a clean household with 3 long-haired cats?

Dust and vacuum as often as you can

It would be wonderful to have an automatic cleaning robot that would clean the floors of dust, cat sand, and fur – they cost a lot though. The best you can do is to vacuum them off as much – I do twice a day, in the morning when everyone else has left (school and work) and in the afternoon (between 5 and 6 o’clock) so there’s always a feeling of fresh air. It’s doubling the dusting hours that you normally tough when you have no cats. You can also invest in  air filters to keep the home smelling clean, and free from bacteria.

Hide the litter box

It is often advised that cats’ litter boxes should be in the open so that the smell could disperse easily. I find though that it also makes cat sand fly about in every direction, especially if the cat doesn’t brush off its feet in the carpet you provide. That’s why I opted to hide the litter box to minimize cat sand catastrophe at home.

I’ve looked into cat litters with grids for cats to step on so the sand falls off as they step on it. Another option is to get a top entry cat litter box to lessen the sand flying around.

long-haired cat litter box, Keep the Home Clean When you Have Long-haired Cats
Iron, ragdoll 2: trying out the cabinet litter box before I finalize the doors and all…

Brush them cats

Aside from them liking brushing a lot. It minimizes the shedding of hair around when they lie down on the bed, floor, or sofa. Brushing also gives cat a shiny coat. It will also help reduce their problems with hairballs.

maine coon, long-haired cat
Minos, Maine coon

Use Handheld vacuums and lint rollers

These are your bestfriends when it comes to cleaning hard-to-reach  edges and/or your clothes, bedsheets, and whatever the cat fancies to roll onto and leave their furs behind. A quick, easy way to pick up dirt, so to say.

How to Keep the Home Clean When you Have Long-haired Cats
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