Wanting to get pets? Try Pet Sitting First.

Cats, Other Pet Matters / Friday, October 20th, 2017
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Truth be told, I’m a dog-person. I grew up with dogs. The only cats I knew were those that came to our house to be fed…they weren’t friendly. 😀 For three months, we were able to sit 2 cats, of different personalities. They’re owned by an aunt who has to stay away for some months.

Above is a sweet Siamese cat that loves to sleep on the bed, in between one’s legs. (lol) She is very playful and would go on long minutes catching a toy.


The one below is a Russian blue cat, not as energetic, she hides a lot…but, she wakes up early morning to ask for food.

Wanting to get pets? Try Pet Sitting First

The two cats stayed with us for 3 months, and we fell in love. I can’t say that we would have gotten our own if we didn’t get to spend time with these two first. If you are not sure if you would like having cats (or dogs) around, try pet sitting first. Here are some reasons why you should lend a hand to other owners who needs to be away from their beloved pets.

  1. Brightens up your home

    Firstly, having pets greeting you by the door takes the stress out of your day. If you are alone at home, they amusingly reply when you talk to them. ^_^ Thus, never a dull moment.

  2. Perfect stress-relievers

    A dog’s wagging tail is a sign of it being excited to see you, a cat’s purr shows that it’s happy being with you. These small things make your home a lot different. New living beings walking about and trying to communicate with you by barking or meowing makes home life more interesting.

  3. No strings attached

    (Well, almost.) You know that you are not keeping the pets, but in the process you can decide if you truly want to get one. Subsequently, you can foster, too.

  4. Earn on the side. That’s a bonus.

    For the three months that these two cats were with us, we had to adjust to a number of things… But they were good ones, for instance, having to wake up earlier, keeping the table clean from leftovers. Also removing cat hair from everywhere often, and cleaning up more often than before. If you have the option of bringing the pet to your home instead of going to where its home is, the better. But the latter is also a cool way to know how you would like having pets.

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