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Cats, Featured / Saturday, October 28th, 2017

Growing up,  I was always fond of dogs. I always had dogs or puppies and I had, I believe, given them the best care a pet owner can. Then, I only like dogs…cats were not very friendly to me and I thought that I will remain a dog-lover all of my life.

That was until we had cat-sitted for 2 cats an Aunt own. Eventually, we would want to have cats having experienced how sweet and homey they are.

In less than a month after giving back the cats we cared for, we were looking for our own cats. We originally planned to get kittens but through some turn of events, we ended up having three adorable male (mid-aged) cats.

iron moon


Top photo is 6-year-old Iron, a male Ragdoll that allows all of us to carry him without complaints. He is the heaviest of all 3 cats. Although he can easily go up the door post with ease up until the ceiling. 😉 He is a blue point Ragdoll with light blue-green eyes, sleeps on the floor with his belly exposed and sometimes on the bed, too in that same position. He loves to eat. 🙂

leon tail

Second photo is 5-year-old Leon, male Ragdoll that is very shy and has a very soft, shrill voice. He is the smallest of all 3 (but is still big compared to a house cat). He has some spots at his back and a pattern on his face, all blue, big eyes, and mostly immaculately clean white fur. He only exposes his belly in the mornings, when I’m the only one left at home. He loves being brushed and then would grab your arm to bunny kick it! 😀


And then there’s Minos, our king Maine coon. Minos is the biggest of the three, in height and length, possibly in weight too. He’s a ginger male that like all maine coons enjoy the company of hoomans, but doesn’t want to be carried a lot. He enjoys sleeping near or on the bed, most of the time by one of our heads. 😀 He doesn’t meow but as maine coons do, he trills. He is the most dog-like of three as well. <3

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