Akita Inu


Our Akita Inu friend…Ceasar in winter.

There are dogs that are cute, there are those that are elegant and there are dogs that are…handsome. I think of an Akita Inu as the latter and as a proud, laid back breed. Its broad, fox-like head which are always looking up shows how confident they are. Thus goes for their pointy ears as though they are very keen. They have curled up tails that adds cuteness and somehow a contrast to their exuding a strong personality.  Akita Inus seldom bark, they are very friendly and playful, especially in the snow. Though they don’t warm up easily to strangers…you will definitely find them charming…

Being a large and sturdy-built dog, the Akita Inu is not easy for kids to walk around but they love being with them… It’s also a very intelligent dog, you need to have something for it to do often otherwise, it will get bored.

One of the famous Akita Inu throughout history is Hachiko, whose story has been adapted into films. Hachiko also called  chuken Hachikou or faithful dog Hachiko was born on a farm near the city of Akita Prefecture  in Japan.  Hachiko remained waiting for his owner at the Shibuya train station, even many years after his death. A truly remarkable act of loyalty. To this day, there is a bronze statue of him  at one of the station’s exit rightfully called Hachiko-guchi (Hachiko entrance-exit).


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16 Responses

  1. Shibakita says:

    Do your research on the Akita Inu before you get one, they can be aggressive towards other dogs. They are big and strong and yes they are very loyal to their owners. Socialize them at a young age to be around other people, otherwise they can be protective of their owners.

  2. Chie says:

    I think i’ve seen that movie of a dog Hachiko. It even brought me to tears. These dogs are indeed handsome and they possess the most affectionate eyes.

  3. Marky says:

    I saw the movie Hachiko and I cried a river while watching it. Hehe for me that was the best dog/pet movie 🙂

  4. i remember the story of this dog and it’s really a heartbreaking story. but i believe all dogs are indeed faithful and lovable.

  5. zoan says:

    So that is hachiko. I havent seen that movie and my bank manager has named his dog (a labrador) hachiko;) nice that you have an akita inu i think that is expensive around here

  6. joy says:

    Is this a movie? I bet it is kind a like a japanese movie because of the name that has been mentioned in your post or it is a breed? This is like a winter dog which looks like a husky dog as they called it. I love this type of dog, they made cute puppies!

  7. My husband’s relative got an Akita when their cat died and because they want to replace that loneliness they traveled to another state just to get an Akita. They are definitely huge and cute and does not easily warm up to strangers, but they are good to their family members and protective for sure. They’re beautiful though. The dog breed that I really like the most are the Golde Lab Retriever or The German Shepard.

  8. that is one pretty dog Sis 🙂 I do not know much about dog breed but my husband is coz he is a dog lover 🙂

  9. rocky says:

    nice dog 🙂 i love dogs but can’t have one:(

  10. Genny says:

    I did not saw that but it sounded very good. My son likes dog movies…Also cannot really have a dog in the house because I will sneeze to the death and also my kids still small. I do not want to have a repeat story where my son was bit by a friendly dog before…

  11. Mel Cole says:

    must be a husky breed of a dog. she’s so cute 😀 this is one of my dream that one day I could own a husky dog 😀

  12. jheylo says:

    this kind of dog is what something that i would like to keep. this dog is the cutest and he/she looks adorable.

  13. rj's mama says:

    do you have this breed sis? I have my hands full with house chores and online work, and my son has allergic rhinitis, so we don’t have any pets in the house. Maybe when my son can take care of it himself

  14. shela says:

    Truly a man’s best friend! Watching dogs movie made me emotional we have 2 dogs who died 6 years ago Morgan and Douglas they are the sweetest dogs we ever had and i still miss them at times! 🙁

  15. Mommy Pehpot says:

    I have seen that movie and it brought me a lot of tears! a very touching movie 🙂

  16. emzkie says:

    oh i never heard of such breed. that is a very pretty dog. thanks for sharing the info

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