We love Dogs (and Cats too)

Dogs, Featured / Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Studies have shown that owning a pet comes with health benefits for both kids and adults at home. Caring for pets helps reduce stress and anxiety, provides companionship, boosts immunity for allergies (though I’m still too afraid to risk…having an asthmatic kid), and gives a regular dose of physical activity through play.

One of the most popular, and probably the best, pet that you can have for the family is a dog. These four legged furry pals are intelligent, loyal, and playful. All these come with a unique personality which makes it easy for people to adore them. Allowing kids to have their own pet dog is a major responsibility for the child and the parents as well. Family members should be prepared to help the children in taking care of their pets and give pointers on growing up with a pet dog.

People like me, who grew up with dogs appreciate the benefits and responsibilities involved in caring for a pet. Talking to kids about do’s and don’ts of pet ownership is just like reminiscing childhood days. On the other hand those who have no or little experience in handling pets may find themselves in a fix when their children asks for a pet dog. Here are some points that you should consider before giving in to your children’s request for a pet.

kid and black dog
D and a friend’s dog

1. Family Readiness.

Bringing a dog or a puppy home is like taking in another child in your household. You should be ready to spend time and effort to ensure that the pet gets enough care and attention it needs. Talk to your children about the responsibilities involved so they can have an idea on what they are committing to. Ultimately, it is still the parent who takes full responsibility for pet ownership.

2. Space Availability.

Physically active pets like dogs require some space that they can move around in including a separate area where they can eat, sleep and do their thing. Some people toilet-train their dogs so they can keep them indoors without worrying about the mess. Pet owners who don’t have much room in their home can take their dogs for a walk around the block or a run in the park on a regular basis. This way their pets won’t get restless and cranky.

3. Health Care Provisions.

Proper care and grooming should be provided for pet dogs to ensure that they do not become infected with bugs or parasites that may also affect the health of the people around them. Aside from proper hygiene, dogs should also be taken to the vet for regular check-up and shots.

Once the whole family agrees on committing to these responsibilities, then theycan start selecting a pet dog that is appropriate for the children’s’ ages and taste.

All that said and done, we truly love dogs, how about you?


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  1. We have a dog that is running around the 20 acres property, now that we are moving to another place and smaller property, our little dog might not be happy because she will just confined inside a small backyard. Animal have feelings too and need tender love and care.

  2. I also owned a dog when I was little, I grew up having them as well. However, when I got married and have my own kids, I wanted to have dogs yet it is so hard to have dogs here in US, they’re like children too needs to be taken good care of. Then, I also found out my son was allergic to dogs which is new to me. I wanted to get my son a dog for companionship and to have someone to play with. I knew these are important to develop kid’s confidence and social skills. But I know there’s another alternative.

  3. I sure miss our dog Spinky now and our two chickens. hehehehe… it is always nice and comforting to have a four-legged member of the family and treat them like one. They are always loyal and will always be there no matter what our mood swings are. 🙂 They are happy to see us when we are home.

  4. I grew up with a lot of dogs and up until now we kept on buying dogs. My dad loves these four Paw animals but my mom hates them;( i hope my kids would love them too

  5. We used to have a dog before my little K was born but found out she is allergic to dog 🙁 We have no choice but to give the dog the animal shelter. She just had her skin test for dog and it the same time, she is still allergic 🙁 I do not know when can we have a dog maybe never 🙁

  6. so true, if your child wants a pet, then you have to explain as a parent the responsibility of having a pet. they will sure love to have a pet when their parents trust them.

  7. Dogs are indeed the most loyal companion we can have and true, taking in a dog as pet is like taking in or adopting a child. Therefore, readiness is really a question. You have to be responsible like a parent to the dog giving them foods and comfort they need.

  8. thanks for great info you’ve shared. we do have dogs back in PI and we dont have pets where we’re living at because landlord don’t allow us to have pets. My kids would love to have a cute puppy or a kitty, unfortunately we can’t for now. having a dog is like an extra responsibility. Here in America, dogs or animals are treated like family, they need to get proper care, grooming, vaccines should be up-to-date, foods should be appropriate otherwise out pet will be confiscated by the animal resource program.

  9. awww, D is so cute! My son wants to have a pet dog, but I’m hesitant to get him one because he has allergic rhinitis. Been reading about hypoallergenic dogs but there are some articles that say that there is really no such thing -hypoallergenic dog

  10. Our girls always ask us to get a dog for a pet every time they see some neighbors walking their pets. I love to have one but my family is not ready to have one yet. I am afraid I cannot take care of it as my kids are still very young. Maybe in time we will get one.

  11. We used to have a puppy but hubby decided to give it to MIL because taking care of a puppy is like having another baby. We always need to clean up their poop 🙁

  12. yes! that is definitely so true! we have 2 cats in the house and we treat them like part of our family even though they are stinky sometimes. hehehe we want to get a dog in he future for the kids too when we got all those things in your list. in a rental house, you just cant have too many pets. =)

  13. That’s right! Having dogs here is expensive and mandatory to take care of them like human being so for now we don’t have pets but i miss having a puppy though!

  14. I bet it is. We love pets too but I think having 3 kids is more than enough to take care of. My boys are just like dogs, I have to take them walk every single day or they’ll get to bored at home, haha. But, maybe having a pet is ideal with a couple with no kids, or 1 kid only or retired couple. Well, I’m not having any until my kids are all grown-up and left home. I had pets back in Pinas but then in Pinas its easy as you can just let them loose any day. Here is quite a maintenance and food are expensive too.

  15. I love dogs! They are such loyal pets. Growing up, we always had dogs until I got married and moved into our present condo which doesn’t allow dogs in the premises.
    Love the cute pic of D and the doggy!

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