A Large Doghouse for Your Big Furry Friend

Dogs / Friday, May 17th, 2013


People who have large dogs often have the same problem – not enough space inside the house. Big dogs need bigger space not just for lounging but also for moving around and doing their daily routine. Even if you have a large home, it is not advisable to keep your large dog inside especially if you have small children too. Some households without kids may permit their large pets inside the house especially if there is enough space for everyone. However, for practicality and for everyone’s safety, many families decide to get their furry pals large doghouses that can be set up outside the home.


When it’s time to look for a large doghouse, it is important to note that you still need to measure your dog’s height and length. This is necessary before anything else because you want your dog to fit comfortably in its own house. If your budget permits, it is better to get a much larger doghouse so your pet can have more space for lounging and stretching.

Large dog breed such as the English mastiff, Alaskan malamute, Leonberger, Tibetan mastiff, Great Dane, and Neapolitan mastiff are not just tall and long, but they are really huge and heavy. Consider all these when looking for a large doghouse especially if your pet is one of these breeds. In addition, make sure to reinforce the house to make sturdier for your gentle giant.

Even with thick fur, huge dogs can still suffer from hypothermia especially in below zero temperatures. Therefore, considering getting a heated doghouse or buying a heater for your pet will be beneficial during the winter seasons. An added cost of $50 to $100 for the heater wouldn’t hurt in the long run especially if you live in a cold region.

You should also consider a large doghouse with built-in insulator if you are looking into these types of houses. Insulation provides protection and comfort to your pet during extreme weather conditions. You can check out various doghouse kits that come with this special feature. Many online shops offer some dog products that come in a variety of options as well.

Whether you have a small or medium dog breed, you will all consider these factors when looking for a doghouse. The only main difference is that a large doghouse is a few times bigger than the normal doghouses you see.


10 Replies to “A Large Doghouse for Your Big Furry Friend”

  1. when i was young we had a collie who stayed outside. my dad got a large doghouse and put cedar shavings and a lightbulb in it for warmth. but when it got very, very cold we let him in the house.

  2. We are currently looking for one for our lab. I hadn’t heard of any with built-in insulators. She definitely needs something like that, especially since she’s an older dog. Thanks for the tips!

  3. We are in Florida and the weather is HOT. It would be nice if there was a doghouse that had a way to keep them cool too 🙂

  4. Great post! We have a large German Shepard and have been keeping her in the house, however, have been thinking about building/buying a doghouse for her. This post give us a lot to think about and gave us some great tips. Thanks!

  5. If I had my own house, this would be perfect. However, my pup is used to being inside, but I think she would enjoy this tremendously! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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